Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville, NC

  • City Facts

    • County Henderson
    • Elevation 2,146 ft.
    • Population 13,814

Just under 35 minutes from Asheville, Hendersonville calls out and it’s hard to not answer. Strap on your boots and you’ll find yourself hiking through the DuPont State Forest or enjoying a beer at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Stroll along Main Street and enjoy the restaurants and galleries with work by local artisans and artists. Hendersonville is the perfect place for history buffs who want a deeper understanding of the area’s culture.

Communities in Hendersonville, NC

  1. Carriagepark_00142 DISCOVER

    Carriage Park

    • City Hendersonville
    • Elevation 2152
    • Lot Prices $29,900 to $129,000
    • Lot Sizes .25 to 1 acre
    • Home Prices $275,000 to $800,000
    • Home Sizes 1400 to 3800
    • Annual HOA Dues $1995
    • Property Taxes .5650 per $100 of assessed value
  2. vistas at blacksmith run DISCOVER

    Vista at Blacksmith Run

  3. Fox Run Preserve DISCOVER

    Fox Run Preserve

    • Lot Prices $75,000 - $140,000
    • Lot Sizes 1+ Acres
    • Home Prices $354,000 - $600,000
  4. Grand Highlands DISCOVER

    Grand Highlands

    • Lot Prices $70k - $450k
    • Lot Sizes .5 Acre - 8 Acres
    • Home Prices $400k - $1M+
    • Home Sizes 1,650 square feet+
    • Named "Best Private Mountain Top Community" by Private Mountain Communities
    • Ideal-Living recognized as "Best of the Best" Community
    • Elevation 3200 to 3800 ft
    • Annual HOA Dues $2050
    • City South Asheville
  5. mountain golf course in nc DISCOVER

    Champion Hills

    • Lot Prices $25,000- $250,000
    • Lot Sizes Less than an acre to 2+ Acres
    • Home Prices $350,000 - $3M+
    • Home Sizes 1,800 to 8,000+ sq ft
    • Home Options Villas, cottages, maintenance-free townhomes and single-family residences
    • Elevation 2500 - 3000 ft.

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