The Cove at Celo Mountain

The Cove at Celo Mountain


    • Lot Prices $24,900 - $94,900
    • Lot Sizes 1+
    • Home Prices $249,000 - $649,000
    • Home Sizes 1,600 to 3,800 sq. ft.


    • Gated Community
    • Pavilion
    • Walking/Hiking Trails
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  • The Cove at Celo Mountain
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  • The Cove at Celo Mountain
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Rooted in Tradition.

The Cove at Celo Mountain is located on the northeast slope of Celo Mountain. With an elevation of 6,327 feet, Celo Mountain is among the highest peaks in the eastern US and one of the oldest rock formations in the world. At one time higher than the Himalayas, eons of water and wind have softened its ridges and valleys. Celo Mountain is part of the Black Mountain range, which contains the headwaters of the ancient South Toe and Cane rivers. Their tributaries and branches fan out across a landscape rich in natural and agricultural resources.

Eight hundred years ago, the Yancey County area was a thoroughfare and hunting ground for the Cherokee Indians. In the mid-1700s, Scottish, English and Irish farmers settled the mountains and fertile river valleys. The original settlers’ cabins and Cherokee villages have long since vanished, replaced over time by quaint towns and hamlets sprinkled throughout the valleys and in the various hollows of the surrounding mountains.

This land was heavily mined from the mid 1800s through the mid 1900s for mica, feldspar, lithium and other minerals. Logging during the 1900s resulted in new hardwood forests and lush undergrowth.

Yancey County is known for preserving its local cultures and traditions, including the architecture of past generations. Today young and old alike celebrate Yancey County’s multi-cultural heritage through education, music, storytelling, crafts and other special events.

The Cove at Celo Mountain supports and reflects the strong cultural influences that have shaped this deeply historic region.

The Perfect Mountain Retreat.

It would have been easy for our planners to take this beautiful piece of the mountains and simply cut it up into lots like so many other developments. But we wanted more for our residents. We wanted all of those priceless natural gifts—the views, the birdsong, the towering timber, and, of course, all that crystal water to be generously shared by all. So we made sure that our slender lanes of our mountain community wrap gracefully around the ridges, hugging the natural contours; that we set aside jewel-like pocket parks and expansive outdoor common spaces; that miles of walking trails invite exploration; and that our mountain homesites, rustic cottages and mountain cabins are planned and arranged to create a genuine community while protecting solitude and privacy.

A Private North Carolina Mountain Community

Few places on earth offer beautiful, rolling vistas in such abundance as the Blue Ridge mountains in and around Asheville, N.C. And we think that among western North Carolina’s gated mountain communities, our views are some of the most spectacular—range upon range disappearing into the horizon. But as amazing as they are, our views aren’t what make our mountain community such a genuinely special retreat. It’s the water. It’s the clear, icy streams that crisscross our seventy-plus acres of forest, splashing against massive, moss-covered boulders…leaping over waterfalls…snaking under fallen logs…pausing to rest in deep, dark pools where native browns flash and swirl…then rushing off again to plunge down rugged crags and roll through sleepy meadows.

And that sound! Is there any sound anywhere that can entrance and delight like the burbling whisper of a mountain creek? Is there any better way to loosen clenched muscles and sweep away cares than to doze beneath a cool, green canopy of old-growth hardwood next to a tiny pocket waterfall? Is there a more restful night’s sleep than one spent buried in quilts next to a window open to the cool autumn night and the soft, jingling brookside serenade?

properties in this community

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    Lot 15 Celo Heights Way

    • $36,000.00
  2. View

    Lot 9 Celo Heights Way

    • $56,000.00
  3. View

    Lot 22 Celo Heights Way

    • $32,000.00
  4. View

    Lot 38 Celo Heights Way

    • $35,000.00
  5. View

    Lot 47 Celo Heights Way

    • $31,000.00
  6. View

    Lot 21 Celo Heights Way

    • $39,000.00

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